At Green Gorilla Dental we produce videos for all types of dentists, however, our favorite type is Pediatric and Children’s Dentists. Videos for Pediatric Dentists are light and bouncy and fun!

Video Marketing for Children’s Dentists includes a Welcome Video to introduce yourself and your team to potential new patients. They get a feel for your personality, your office and your way of dealing with kids! The funner the video the better! The children themselves make for the best testimonials and help parents feel at ease coming to your office.

Patient testimonial videos like the one below really go a long way in helping your new patients get an idea of what a visit to your office will be like. When getting testimonials made try and get a cross section of the demographics of your area so people watching your videos can identify with the people featured.


It’s easy to have videos produced for your Pediatric Dentistry practice. It usually takes about a half day and we guide you through each step in the process. If you are interested in getting new videos for your practice contact us today! 888-477-5376

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