Dentists who specialize in helping patients that suffer from Sleep Apnea often have videos produced that explain the problem and possible solutions. Many people experience Sleep Apnea and are unaware they have it, leading to potentially dangerous health conditions. Dental marketing that includes Sleep Apnea education helps patients understand why this condition should not be ignored.

Sleep Apnea can contribute to headaches, fatigue during waking hours, high blood pressure, heart problems and chronic diseases. Quality sleep is vital for our health and Sleep Apnea interrupts that sleep to varying degrees in each patient that suffers from it.

Green Gorilla has produced videos for dentists that offer dental devices to correct the problem and offer relief to patients who don’t wish to use the more common and cumbersome Sleep Apnea mask and oxygen machines.

See an example below from a dentist in New York who specializes in helping patients address Sleep Apnea:


See a second example of a video we produced for a DENTIST in Napa, California also addressing Sleep Apnea:


For Dental Professionals that address Sleep Apnea and Airway Dentistry having videos produced is a great way to educate patients and position yourself as the expert who can bring solutions. Give us a call or message us today to find out how you can get videos produced for your dental practice.

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